Kid Pranks His Barber, So He Retaliates With Bloody Practical Joke-- Some Called It Cruel

A Florida barber played a joke on a 10-year-old customer in which he pretended to cut the child's ear off. The kid was freaking out in the chair as the fake blood dripped down the side of his face. Some thought the joke was brilliant while others blasted the barber for how badly he scared the kid. In the end, everyone had a good laugh.

Barber Jude Sannicandro has known the boy, Vito DiPalma, and his family for years. He's been cutting the young man's hair all his life. The barber and Vito started playing jokes on each other at some point, and Vito got Sannicandro good last week.

Vito planted a fake cockroach in the shop, and the owner of Hair Medics freaked out. “It scared the crap out of me, especially because earlier that day, there was a real cockroach in our bathroom,” said Sannicandro Yahoo Lifestyle. “I told Vito that he opened a can of worms, but he said that he wasn’t scared and was too old to cry.”

So Sannicandro began plotting his revenge. He got Vito's parents to help him out. With a prop and some fake blood from a costume shop, the barber was all ready to make Vito cry.

As he finished up a haircut, Sannicandro tells Vito that his new razor is 'very sharp', and he warns the boy not to move. He then hits the back of the boy's head and acts worried. He presses a folded towel to the boy's head.

"Did it hurt?" he asks.

"No," the boy says.

All of a sudden, blood begins to pour. Vito thinks it is pouring out of his head, but it's actually just a tube of fake vampire blood in the towel. Freaked out by the dripping red, Vito squeezes his eyes closed. He doesn't even want to look at it.

Once the barber gets the child to open his eyes again, he fumbles with the towel, and an ear falls off and goes tumbling down the front of the boy's haircut cape, landing on the floor.

"Is that my ear?" the boy cries. "No! No!"

He calls his mother from the other room. "Look at my ear! It's on the ground!" Vito says in a panic.

The mother, who is in on it, acts surprised. "How did that happen?"

Finally, the barber asks Vito, “Hey, remember that roach prank when you said I couldn’t make you cry? You’re fine.”

The barber and Vito's mother bust out laughing. Vito gets the joke right away and was a really good sport about it. He noted that he didn't actually cry, though.

The video of the prank went viral on YouTube, but not everyone saw the humor in it. Some people felt the barber went too far.

“I wouldn’t have pulled this on anyone else but Vito — he’s a unique old soul, and I’ve been cutting his hair since he was a baby," Sannicandro said.

Others wonder if the barber is worried Vito will retaliate. “I’m not worried,” he says. “I will always outdo Vito.”

Source: Yahoo
Photos: YouTube, Flickr/Masterbutler

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