Man Harasses Muslim American Women: I Don't Want Them In My Country

Two Muslim American women, 21-year-old Malaak Ammari and 22-year-old Nura, were wearing hijabs and eating ice cream with another friend Andrew’s Ice Cream in Orange, California, with another friend, when another customer started complaining about them.

In a phone interview, Ammari said they at first paid little attention to the man, and only realized they were the target of his complaints when the woman behind the counter escorted him out and began apologizing to them.

Ammari said, “We’re just three Muslim girls. We didn’t know what to do, we didn’t want to add more gas to the fire. It was already bad enough.” When the man returned, Ammari pulled out her phone to start recording him. The man could be heard saying, while pointing at their table “You won’t serve me, but you serve them."

Nura uploaded the 20-second clip to Twitter. In addition, an employee of the shop can be heard saying, while escorting the man out of the shop “If you can’t be nice, we don’t want you." The man started pointing at the women's table and said "I don’t want them here in my country."

Then, while eating her ice cream, Nura replied “Too bad, we’re here. Sucks for you!" The man could then be heard trying to intimidate the women when he said, "Too bad for me? You’ll see what happens.” Ammari then responds, “You’re racist! And this is on tape!” Ammari added that another video, which was not uploaded to social media, showed the man come back and up to the window in an attempt to menace them, but that they all laughed at him. Many Twitter users supported Ammari after she posted the video.

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