Man Has Disgusting Excuse For Raping His Daughters

A twisted tale has played out for all to hear in a Canadian courtroom, and a disturbed 79-year-old father is facing a lengthy stay behind bars. The man is accused of raping both of his daughters over an extended period of time, and he impregnated one of them on three separate occasions. As the Daily Mail reports, the man’s daughters are now adults, and they have finally gotten up the courage to press charges against the disturbed man.

Jacques Lesage is accused of abusing both of the girls for more than three decades. The abuse began when the girls were quite young, and he would reportedly provide both of them with spiked orange juice before having his way with them. The abuse would take place at a variety of locations, including the family’s home, in cars, and in motel rooms. Lesage had also made a habit of picking the girls up at school for the explicit purpose of having sex with them.

His daughter’s, Lucie, 53, and Nathalie, 49, finally came forward in 2014 to report the abuse.

“All I've known is sexual abuse,” Nathalie said.

Lesage has eight children altogether, but only one other child has accused him of sexual abuse. He told the court that he was also sexually abused as a child, first by his father and then by caregivers at a Catholic orphanage. Lesage also claims to be the product of incest himself, and he made the astounding revelation that his mother is also his sister. He says that his wife was also the victim of sexual abuse as a child, and the pair took off when she was just 13-years-old so that they could marry and she could escape the abuse.

Prosecutors are pushing for a 22-year sentence for the man if convicted, but Lesage is pleading for a more lenient sentence. He explained that he had his genitals removed in a bid to stop the spread of cancer, and as such, he was no longer a threat.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: CBC News

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