Man Hears A Child Screaming, Searches For Her - Shocked By What He Finds

The Department of Social Services is remaining mum on the status of a toddler who was found bound to a fence with a bungee cord in Las Vegas. According to Mail Online, a spokesperson said the department can’t comment unless a child dies or nearly dies and couldn’t say whether they were investigating the case.

The child was found by a neighbor who was mowing his lawn. Matt Knight heard a child screaming from across the street. When he ran to the child, he found the toddler tied to a metal fence with a bungee cord around her neck.

Knight said that the baby was “struggling around her neck” when he found her. Someone who said they were the baby’s mother told the press that the girl had become tangled up in the cords. She did not explain why the child was left alone. Police have reportedly been to the toddler’s house at least three times on reports that the baby was left alone or seen crawling in the streets.

“I walked over there and the kid, like the photo you saw, was strapped or caught up in some of the bungee strap to the fence,” Knight recalled. “Because of the previous things that had happened there [at the house] I wanted some photo evidence versus a bunch of hearsay.”

Source: MailOnline
Photo: KHQ

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