Elderly Man Is Learning How To Do Makeup, And The Reason Will Melt Your Heart

Doing makeup can be a fun hobby for a lot of people, but for elderly men, it's not usually their first choice of pastimes. One man is learning diligently, though, and practicing to make sure he does a good job. His reason is incredibly sweet.

Everyone should have someone that loves them like Brian loves Jean. The aging couple is melting people's hearts across the internet after a post about them went viral.

If you thought romance was dead, you've never met this couple. They have kept it alive, and thanks to social media, they can hopefully be an inspiration to others.

Brian and Jean are regulars at a local department store. The two have been coming into the store lately and going to the cosmetics counter for make-up lessons. It's not Jean that's taking the lessons; it's Brian.

One of the department store salespeople asked them about the reason for Brian's sudden interest in make-up artistry, and she was stunned by the answer. She was so moved that she had to post a photo of the couple on social media and share.

"Why I love my job so much!" wrote the salesperson. "Meet Jean and Brian two of our very loyal customers. Brian was in for another make up lesson today as he does his wife's make up every day as she is going blind, such a wonderful couple who live their life to the full!"

Responses poured in, along with 'crying' and 'heart' emojis. Memes featuring people holding back the tears started flooding in. The post has gone viral, with many people saying that '#couplegoals' has been kicked up a few notches thanks to the pair.

"I could actually cry! Relationship goals," tweeted one person.

"Need to find me a man like this for sureeee!! Not just if I go blind but if I get lazy," said another.

"I’m not crying, there’s just tears in my eye," said another.

"If i go blind u better study up watch some YouTube tutorials, make sure i glow still," one woman said tagging her boyfriend.

“I can’t even get a text back I love them so much haha,” said another.

"I’m actually crying so bad," another commenter admitted.

It's amazing to see someone in love do something so simple yet so powerful. Actions speak louder than words, and perhaps that’s why it’s so touching to see someone who is not all talk. Brian is actually becoming quite the cosmetician.

He's mastered the art of foundation, learned to apply blush like a champ and lipstick like a pro. Any woman would be proud, and no doubt, Jean is.

Once Brian finishes taking his make-up lessons, maybe he and his lovely wife should start teaching lessons of their own. They could probably teach a lot of couples just what it takes to have a healthy, happy, long and loving relationship. Obviously, one key to success is making sure you take care of each other.

Source: Independent, Cosmopolitan
Photos: Twitter, PxHere, Pixabay, Dmitriy Shironosov/123RF Stock Photo

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