Man Murdered For Talking To Women

A routine night out on the town quickly took a disturbing turn for 30-year-old Oliver Dearlove, and the UK man would lose his life as the result of a completely senseless and totally unprovoked attack. As the Telegraph reports, Dearlove was simply making small talk with a group of young women, when a male acquaintance of the women lost his mind and attacked him.

Dearlove was out with some friends and bumped into the group of women on the street, and he ended up striking up an innocent conversation with one of the women. The woman remarked that she was a new mom, and Dearlove was simply looking at her baby pictures when Trevor Timon, 31, began acting belligerent.

"Who the f*** are you boys? If you don't move on, I'll knock you out," he reportedly said.

One of the women in the group attempted to diffuse the situation, but it was to no avail.

"The next thing that happened was the defendant hit Oliver Dearlove. The punch skimmed her face. She saw Oliver Dearlove fall and as he fell his whole body twisted. She screamed 'He hit him, he hit him'," explained prosecutor Anthony Orchard.

Dearlove was punched in the head and neck before crumpling to the street, and he would pass away less than 24 hours later. Timon plead guilty to charges of manslaughter, but he denies murder and is attempting to portray it as a case of self defense. Orchard has painted a vastly different picture, and it sounds like an open and shut case once it reaches the jury.

“The attack upon Oliver Dearlove took place on a warm August Bank Holiday evening, in the quiet leafy streets of Blackheath. He stood on the pavement not far from a nightclub. The attack was unprovoked and senseless. It appears to have been motivated by the defendant's perceived sense of grievance that Oliver Dearlove and two of his male friends were talking to a group of young women, whom Trevor Timon knew,” he explained to the jury.

Source: Telegraph
Photo: Daily Express

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