Man Notices Something Strange About Newborn Baby - Kills Her

A man is accused of strangling his newborn daughter in Pakistan because she wasn’t a boy, and burying the baby in his courtyard.

Shamim Bibi reported her husband, Sher Alam, to authorities saying he murdered her child in front of her, dug a grave and buried their baby in the courtyard without any remorse, The Express Tribune reports. He was reportedly upset that the baby was a girl, because he had wanted a son.

“Soon after I came back home with the baby girl, my husband Sher Alam became furious, snatched her from my hands and strangled her to death,” Bibi’s complaint said.

Officials found the baby where she said it was and police claim to have arrested Alam.

Pakistani police recently arrested a middle age man for killing his teenage daughter, after he and his daughter, were against her marrying a man who had a bad reputation. Her brother reported his father Akhtar Manzur for the crime.

Source: Tribune
Photo: 123RF

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