Man From "Rich And White" Family Neglected Stepson Because He Was Black

After a woman went to jail for neglecting her child, the boy was found dangerously neglected yet again by his stepfather. Authorities were horrified about the condition in which they found the little boy, but the stepfather defended himself, saying he wasn't responsible for the child because he wasn't his biological son.

Florida man Brian Hall is married to Naomi Hall, and the couple have two children together. Naomi, an African-American woman, also has a 5-year-old child from another relationship. That child was found to be severely neglected in a visit by authorities. Naomi was arrested for child neglect.

The Department of Children and Families got a call about a possible case of abuse, and went to visit the family at the couple’s Daytona Beach home. The little, neglected boy was found to weigh just under 25 pounds - the average weight for a 21-month-old baby. The 5-year-old was so severely undernourished that he couldn't walk or stand. Authorities found him eating small pieces of old, stale cereal he found on the filthy living room floor.

The young boy's hands and feet were blistered and orange because he developed a habit of chewing on them. Naomi confessed to investigators that they boy was non-verbal and in the habit of chewing his feet and hands when he was hungry. The mother admitted that she would sometimes let days pass before feeding him.

The child was found so severely emaciated and dehydrated that he couldn’t support his own weight. He also suffers from developmental issues and requires care and medication for his condition. Naomi reportedly said that she didn’t bother giving him the medication because it ‘did not work for him’. Neither of the adults in the house were giving any care to the young boy.

Mr. Hall was also arrested, and when asked why he didn’t do something about the abuse he witnessed, he reportedly told the investigators, "he is not my responsibility; I’m not his father. I come from a rich and white family".

Two other children belonging to the Halls were found in the home. Brian told authorities, "Those two are taken care of.” There were no signs of abuse or neglect in the two other siblings.

Despite the fact that Brian felt his wife’s other child wasn’t his responsibility, he did have a legal obligation to report abuse he witnessed. He was arrested for failing to report abuse, neglect or abandonment. He’s being held on a $5,000 bond.

The neglected young boy is currently in the hospital being treated for abuse and neglect, while also being given speech therapy and physical therapy. The other two children were removed from the home by DCF.

Naomi was released on bail and is awaiting a court date. She’s been granted limited supervised visitation rights.

Some on social media are suggesting that Brian Hall should not be fed by their taxpayer dollars, because he is not their responsibility.

Source: Raw Story
Photo: Mike Springer/Twitter

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