Man's Airbnb Reservation Canceled, Receives Shocking Message

A resident of Houston says he was refused an apartment rental on Airbnb in Austin because he is a gay man.

Buddy Fisher claims that he tried to reserve an apartment on Airbnb for the Austin Pride Festival coming up in August.

However, around an hour after he made the reservation, it was canceled.

“No LGBT people, please,” the unnamed Airbnb host wrote in his message, based on an image posted by Fisher.

The clearly bigoted man continued: “I do not support people who are against humanity. Sorry.”

Fisher was stunned to receive this politely hateful message.

“It caught me so far off-guard,” he explained to local media outlets.

Airbnb issued an apology to Fisher and banned the host for violation of its anti-discrimination policy.

“The company said it has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to discrimination like this,” Fisher commented to the media.

The firm also assisted Fisher in locating other accommodations in Austin.

“It felt like we've been going in the right direction, but then something like this happens,” Fisher noted. “It's like you take five steps forward, then two steps back.'

He continued, commenting: “It really, really upset me, because I don't feel like I don't support humanity.”

Source: MailOnline
Photo: MailOnline

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