This 'Missing Pet' Sign Terrified The Neighbors

It's a little sad to see a sign when someone loses a dog or a cat. If you're an animal lover, you might take a moment to hope that the furry little fugitive is okay, and you might even feel bad for the owner who is frantically searching for the lost pet. But when you live in a New York City apartment building, the last thing you want to see on a sign in your building is that a resident lost his pet snake.

The wildlife that New York City residents have to deal with is pretty limited. You expect to see pigeons in the park, rats in the subway tunnels and alleys, and squirrels in the trees. What you don't ever expect to see is a snake sitting in your laundry basket. Unfortunately, that's what happened to one poor woman in her Brooklyn apartment.

As her friend, Kevin Sweeting, tells the tale on Twitter, he once got a call from his best friend Diana. She was hysterical and screaming about a snake. Sweeting barely understood her, but he hurried over to her apartment to see what had her so upset.

When Sweeting arrived, Diana's apartment door was wide open. He let himself in and found his rattled friend standing on her bed, crying and holding a broom. Then he noticed what had her so upset: there was a 3-foot-long snake on the floor.

Diana told Sweeting that the snake was in the laundry basket when she came home. This sight is enough to send many people fleeing the home with nothing but the clothes on their back, so Sweeting was entirely sympathetic.

Sweeting wasn't as frightened of the snake as his friend and attempted to grab the serpent's tail, but it got away. It slithered behind a wire shelf.

"At this point [I] joined Diana on the bed and we decided that it would probably be best if we went downstairs to the bodega got some beers," said Sweeting.

Who wouldn't need a drink after an encounter like that? The two came back and steeled themselves to face the beast. They attempted to capture the snake in a pillow case 'like they do on Animal Planet'. Diana wasn't happy to sacrifice a pillow case, but desperate times.

"Diana pulled the shelf away and I dove in to grab it by the tail. this kinda worked but also the snake had slipped into a crack in the baseboards and was escaping into the wall. I was pulling on its tail pretty hard and got worried that I was maybe going to rip it in half," Sweeting said.

"Albino boa constrictors aren’t native to Crown Heights so I figured it was someone’s pet and felt kind of bad about maybe ripping it in half and also probably killing it so I ended up letting it go."

After the snake got away, the two taped up every nook and cranny to prevent the creature from coming back. They then started knocking on doors in Diana's apartment building to see if anyone lost a pet snake.

One neighbor who had just gotten a Thai food delivery overheard. "The really high neighbor guy stopped us and said 'well, let me check if Amanda is home,'" Sweeting tweeted. "Okay, cool, I thought. Amanda must be his roommate and maybe she is missing a snake?"

Wrong... Amanda is the snake. The high guy went into his apartment and pulled back a tie-dyed curtain to reveal an empty tank. “Oh f--k, Amanda escaped," he told them.

The man then drew a snake and hung signs around the building begging people not to hurt it and asking that they call him if they find it. He told Diana not to worry; Amanda would be hungry in a day or two and come back out.

That was what was worrying Diana.

Source: Elite Daily
Photo: Kevin Sweeting/Twitter

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