Mother Charged With Murder After Leaving Baby In Car Seat To Starve

A Wyoming mother is facing charges after her infant son died in her care. The mother brought the baby to the hospital to complain something was wrong with him.

The child was already dead. The mother later admitted to leaving the baby for two days strapped in a car seat in her bedroom.

Lovily Johnson has been charged with felony murder and first-degree child abuse after she admitted to leaving her six-month-old son, Noah Edward Johnson, to starve to death. The 22-year-old mother of two buckled her six-month-old baby into a car seat and deprived him of food.

The baby remained in a hot, stuffy bedroom for days.

On July 19, Johnson brought the baby at approximately 2:35 p.m. to Helen DeVos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids. She said there was something wrong with him.

"Upon arrival, Noah was clearly deceased and had been for some time," said Wyoming Detective Robert Meredith.

Police reported that when they arrived at the hospital, Johnson confessed to neglecting the baby. From Monday night, she left him in the car seat and failed to provide him with any necessities.

She was in and out until Thursday, when she brought him to the hospital to check on the condition. When she came home Thursday afternoon she had found the infant unresponsive.

“Johnson admitted to being at home multiple times a day during that time frame," Meredith wrote. “She knowingly and intentionally deprived him of the necessities of life by not feeding him since Monday evening. During this time, Noah remained buckled in a car seat on the upper floor of Johnson’s apartment with no air conditioning."

When Johnson was arraigned, at first, she complained to the judge that she didn't understand the charges. The judge was patient. “Well, let me make it really clear," said Judge Steven M. Timmers. “They alleged you killed a young child and that you physically abused it. Does that make sense to you?"

“Yes sir," Johnson responded to the judge.

The judge denied bond. Johnson also has a two-year-old daughter, who has been placed with state authorities. The young mother and the two-year-old child's father had been embroiled in a bitter custody battle.

The father of the girl had been convicted of aggravated domestic violence last year. After an investigation, the toddler may be placed in the custody of a grandmother.

There is currently no report on where the two-year-old child was during the time the infant was left to starve to death, but it doesn’t appear to be that the toddler was in danger during that time.

Johnson is also in violation of her probation from a 2016 embezzlement conviction. She embezzled an amount of less than $200 from a former employer, and was placed on eight months’ probation.

She failed to pay fines, court costs, perform the mandatory community service or secure a job, as per the conditions of her release.

Source: Daily Mail, WZZM13
Photos: Facebook, Kent County Jail, Lovily Johnson/Facebook

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