Mom Saves Kidnapped Daughter with iPhone App

A woman got into an argument with her 18-year-old ex-boyfriend over the custody of their child. The woman, who has not been identified by name or age, was bound and gagged in the back of Joseph Boller's car. Fortunately, she was able to free her hands enough to text her mother for help.

Her mother then used an iPhone app to help police find her daughter. Boller was tracked down to a McDonald's more than two hours west from where he allegedly abducted his ex-girlfriend. The mother used the GPS tracking on the Find My iPhone app. Joseph Boller was arrested at the McDonald's.

The woman told police that Boller became frustrated when she said she did not want to see him and could only speak for 30 minutes. The former couple met at his grandmother's home in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania on Tuesday to discuss the custody of the young child they have together.

She says he then shut the bedroom door where they were speaking, took away her cell phone, wrapped it in aluminum foil and duct-taped her wrists together. Boller then drove the victim and their child to a friend's house where he planned to drop the child off.

As he was walking towards the house, the woman was able to free her hands enough to try to start the car with a spare key. Boller noticed and started pounding on the windows saying "things would get much worse." After that, he duct-taped her wrists, ankles and mouth and forced her into the trunk of the car.

Boller was arraigned on Wednesday and remains held at Centre County Prison on $150,000 bail. A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for February 24.

Photo: Youtube

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