Mom Shocked By Sign On Cake, Then Realized She Was Looking At It Backwards

A mother planning a celebration for her daughter's second birthday ordered a cake for the party, but when she got it she was stunned. She looked at the cake, with a sign planted into the top, and was horrified by what she thought was an obscene word. After examining the cake for a while, she realized she was looking at the message backwards. It wasn't meant to be offensive; it was just an unfortunate accident.

The cake the anonymous mom ordered was quite simple: it was a plain pink cake covered in a slick layer of fondant. Inserted into the top of the cake were sticks with sparkly letters atop. Unfortunately, the first time the mother got a look at the cake, she was looking at it from the wrong angle.

The letters appeared to spell out the c-word, a word considered among the most offensive expletives. The woman couldn't imagine why someone at the bakery would spew such profanity on a child's birthday cake. She couldn't imagine what the cake decorator might have had against her or her daughter.

Then she walked around the cake and saw that the cake topper wasn't at all intended to be offensive. In fact, it was quite innocent. The letters spelled out 'TWO' in fancy font cut-outs. It was clear from the front.

The mother had a good laugh. She posted photos of the cake, front and back, to social media.

"Make sure the back of this cake is facing the wall!" she joked. "I guess it depends on how your kid has been behaving that day as to which side you face it."

Some parents found it hilarious.

"PERFECT... Two year olds can be c--ts," wrote one person.

"Nice to keep your options open. Haha," another person joked.

Some people even wanted to know where they could get the cake topper, because they thought it was funny. "OMG where can I get this topper? My son turns two next month and this is perfect."

It seems a lot of places that sell cakes are just not paying for trained, qualified cake decorators anymore. A lot of people have been finding some unexpected surprises in the box when they went to pick up their orders.

Photos on social media show that some cake decorators can't spell, or write properly. One family got a cake that was supposed to read 'Beloved Aunt', however the 'A' in 'Aunt' looked more like a 'C', leaving a less than flattering message.

Another cake writer who probably did not get far in school wrote congratulations to a 'Valid Dictorian' on the cake.

Still one family was denied a cake because they wanted to congratulate their son for graduating 'Magna Cum Laude'. The bakery insisted the 'dirty word' was banned.

Other cake decorators take instructions way too literally. "Thanks for a Great Year in Purple," read one cake by a decorator who didn't realize that 'in purple' was a direction, not part of the message.

Another family told the cake decorator to write, "Good Luck Ben in All Your Adventures," and instructed the decorator to 'put the state of Texas on it'.

The cake came back with the 'Good Luck' part down, but instead of an outline of Texas, the decorator added the instructions, "Put the state of Texas on it for her."
Source: Mirror
Photos: Mirror Screenshot, Flickr/Mick, Paul Downey

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