Mother Makes Disturbing Comments While Confessing To Her Son’s Murder

A woman accused of killing her three-year-old son has 'no remorse' because she believed the boy “was the soul of Hitler.”

Egypt Moneek Robinson has been arrested for murder of her three-year-old son, Aries Juan Acevedo. The boy’s body was found in a suitcase in the swamp behind Robinson’s house in Callaway, Florida.

Apparently, a cellmate named Tiffany Powell (jailed on attempted murder charges) told investigators that Robinson told her that her son “was the soul of Hitler” and was not sorry for killing him.

She said Robinson believes she was protecting everyone by killing her son because he was evil.

Powell apparently requested to not share a cell with Robinson after she spoke to investigators.

Several media sources report prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Robinson, who is incarcerated at Bay County Jail.

The police report notes that the 28-year-old Robinson admitted to killing her son, telling them she stabbed him and put his corpse in a suitcase. It seems that as soon as responding deputies got out of their patrol, he was approached by Robinson who said: “Just put me into handcuffs. I did it. I killed my baby and put him inside of the suitcase.”

Of note, Robinson was hospitalized with a self-inflicted wound shortly after her arrest.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: Facebook/MailOnline

Boy killed by his own mother.

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