Mother Makes Shocking Discovery About Her Adoptive Daughter

Adoptive mom Jennifer Doering wanted to track down her 10-year-old daughter Audrey's "Finding Ad," an official newspaper ad placed when a child is left with an orphanage in China, and give it to Audrey as a Christmas gift.

The mother-of-four worked with an adoption research organization to locate the ad, but the firm provided her with a photo of the newspaper ad that left he stunned. "To my amazement I saw TWO Audreys," Doering noted.

It turned out Audrey had a twin sister. Doering dug deeper and found out the two girls - twin sisters - were brought to the Chinese orphanage on the same day. The key clue was the names of the twins. Audrey's first name was "Gui” and her sister’s name was "Mei." Combined together, the two names mean rose in Chinese. Giving twins two names that combine together as a new word is common in China.

Doering tried to find Audrey’s twin sisters, but was stymied. Then she came across the Facebook page of Andrea Duke Olson, who assists with Chinese children with congenital heart defects. Audrey had heart complications as an infant and it seemed possible her twin might have similar problems.

Olson had seen a child with the name and birthdate Doering gave her, and then found the adoptive parents’ information on a Yahoo adoption site.

Shockingly, it turned out Audrey's identical twin sister was living in Washington state. Her name is Gracie Rainsberry. "She is a clone of Audrey," Doering commented.

Doering then contacted the Rainsberrys to set up a FaceTime session where the sisters could speak to each other. The similarities between the twins were almost spooky. They both love math, school, animals, sports and, most of all, fettuccine alfredo.

Not surprisingly, the long-lost twin sisters are already making plans to meet in person.

Source: Yahoo
Photo: Yahoo

Long lost twins reunite!

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