Mother Nearly Died Due to Tampon Fiber, Claims She Even Saw Dead Relatives

A woman from Pennsylvania began experiencing symptoms, and she chalked it up to the flu. Things got progressively worse, and she ended up in the hospital where doctors found she did not have the flu-- she was suffering from Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

Thankfully the mom survived, but she says she was on death's door.

Amy Haller Follis nearly died because of a stray fiber from a tampon. Tampons are a breeding ground for bacteria and can often be the cause of a bacterial infection. TSS is a rare but potentially deadly complication of such bacterial infections.

Follis says she was aware of TSS, and so she was always very careful about using tampons. She followed the general rule-of-thumb precautions, such as never leaving a tampon in for more than eight hours, and of sticking to the same brand.

So when she started getting sick, she never expected the culprit to be a tampon she used a week earlier.

Follis got the infection because a small strand from a tampon she used remained intact. Days after her period finished, she began experiencing fever, weakness, muscle aches and dehydration.

For two days she thought it was the flu, so she tried to stay hydrated and power through it. But she couldn't stop vomiting and didn't seem to be getting any better, so she was rushed to Chester County Hospital.

By the time Follis got to the hospital, she was so bad that doctors didn't know if she would survive. She spent days in bed, unable to walk or speak, being medicated.

She received so many fluids from IVs that she gained 50 pounds in a matter of hours. Her family gathered around her bed, and even called in a priest to administer last rites.

Amy says that she was on death's door and saw her deceased mother, father, grandparents, an uncle, and a 16-year-old cousin who committed suicide in the 1990s.

"No one spoke to me but everyone was smiling and had a white light behind them," Follis tells The Sun of her ordeal. "They were all there together. It was a very comforting experience. I was so happy to see them. I knew they were there. I knew where they were coming from, but I didn't want to go there."

This resolve to continue to live seemed to help the wife and mother dig deep down and find the will to fight. After that, Follis' condition made a complete 180 turn. She began to get better. Now, her prognosis is very good.

"I feel like I've been given a second chance," she said.

Other victims of TSS have not been as lucky. Some who survive don't come through unscathed, requiring amputations of limbs or living with organ damage.

Unfortunately, Follis didn’t escape TSS without any lasting effects. After she bounced back and was given a clean bill of health, she and her husband became pregnant with their third child.

Just ten weeks into the pregnancy, she had a miscarriage. She and her husband believe the miscarriage was due to the toll that the severe illness had taken on her body. But she’s still grateful that she’s able to be there with her family and watch her children grow up.

Photos: Daily Mail, Facebook, The Period Blog/Wikimedia

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