Mother Snaps A Photo With Her Six Daughters - Wait Until They Look At The Camera

Lacey Dunkin, 25, is the single mother of six children - all girls. Dunkin didn't give birth to a single one of them. These girls may not have grown under her heart, but certainly grew in it.

Dunkin was unmarried, but decided that she wanted to be a mother. With hundreds of thousands of children in the foster care system waiting to be adopted, Dunkin was determined to give at least one of these kids a life with a loving parent.

In 2011, Dunkin became certified to adopt. Soon after, she got a phone call. The state agency was looking for a foster home for four sisters. It was more than Dunkin had planned on, but she agreed. She didn't have the heart to break up the family. The girls moved in with Dunkin and her parents.

Nine months later, the birth mother of the girls became eligible to have custody returned to her. In that time, she'd given birth to yet another baby girl. The four girls returned to their mother, eager to meet their new sister.

A month after that, Dunkin got a surprise call. It was the birth mother. She wanted to know if Dunkin wanted to adopt her four daughters, as well as the newborn.

Dunkin was thrilled and said yes.

Even more amazing, before the adoptions were final, the birth mother got pregnant again and gave birth to yet another little girl. She offered that little girl to Dunkin as well, and Dunkin adopted her, too.

The six siblings got to stay together, and have a wonderful mother. Dunkin says the girls bring both joy and chaos to her life, and is honored to have them.

Source: HeroViral
Photo: Facebook/Lacey Dunkin

One big happy family!

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