Nervous Dad Faces Court, Judge Consults With His Young Son About Punishment

A Rhode Island man ended up going to traffic court, because he apparently parked on the wrong side of the road. The judge deliberated what to do about the ticket, when he saw a small face peek out from behind the man. The judge called the little guy up to discuss daddy's punishment.

Judge Frank Caprio has been on the bench at the Rhode Island’s Providence Municipal Court for more than 30 years. At first glance, the judge looks like he might be the kind of guy to play hardball, but inside he's really just a softie. This is evident when he asks a man's son to come up behind the bench with him at a traffic court hearing.

The man, an owner of a pizza parlor, showed up to court with his little boy and threw himself at Judge Caprio's mercy. The judge asked the little blond boy, named Jacob, to come up and help him work things out.

Jacob sat on the judge's lap while the judge explained, "I'm having trouble with this case, because I have a situation where your dad is charged with parking on a street up on the East side. And, I have three choices: I can fine him $90, I can charge him $30, Or I can charge him nothing."

"What do you think I should do?" the judge asked Jacob.

Jacob is a tough one. Instead of letting his dad get away with it, the young man thought the fairest thing was for his father to pay $30.

The judge then asked Jacob if he ate breakfast. When the child said no, the judge said he would let Jacob's dad off the hook if he promised to take Jacob out for a big breakfast.

"I want you to order a lot of stuff," the judge told Jacob, in order to teach his dad a lesson.

That's no problem for Jacob. "Yeah, [because] I love bacon," the young man told the judge.

Caprio likes to connect with the community, particularly with the youth. He's famous for bringing the kids up to help them work out justice for parents. Ironically, when he gives kids the options, kids rarely let parents get off scot-free.

In another video clip, he asks a little girl what to do about her mother's ticket, and he invites her to make a decision with him. He told her he could charge her mom $300 for the ticket plus penalties, $100 for just the ticket, he could cut the ticket in half for $50, or give mom a break and charge her zero dollars. The little girl chose the $50.

The judge also let the little girl's mom get away with a fine, but he sentenced her to buying breakfast for the whole family.

Source: Independent Journal Review, Inspire More
Photo: YouTube

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