Anti-Vaccine Nurse Fired For Saying She Wanted to Infect Her Child With Measles

A nurse finds herself out of a job tonight after a callous post on an anti-vaccination Facebook page. The nurse reported that there was child suffering from measles at the hospital where she worked, and she was thinking of bringing the germs home to infect her own 13-year-old.

The hospital subsequently fired her for posting patient information on social media.

The nurse worked at the Texas Children's Hospital in Houston and is also a member of the Proud Parents of Unvaccinated Children - Texas Facebook group. She went on the group page to say that a patient with the measles had been admitted to the hospital, and it was the first time in her career she had ever seen a case in person.

"And honestly, it was rough," the unnamed nurse admitted. "The kid was super sick. Sick enough to be admitted to the ICU and he looked miserable."

"By no means have I changed my vax stance, and I never will," she added. "But I just wanted to share my experience and how much worse it was than I expected."

She also mentioned, "I'm not kidding that I thought about swabbing his mouth and bringing it home to my 13 (year old)."

Measles were nearly eradicated in the United States, but ever since the start of the anti-vaxxer movement, they've made a comeback. About five percent of kids who contract measles also contract pneumonia.

Those kids who aren't treated may develop brain swelling and this may result in permanent brain damage. One or two children out of every thousand infected will die from the disease.

Before vaccines, measles killed 400 to 500 people every year. After vaccines, the number of deaths eventually dropped to zero. The year 2015 saw the first measles death in a decade.

Even though measles was eradicated in the U.S., foreigners can still bring the virus into the country, so immunizations remain essential. Those who are not vaccinated and who have not had the disease previously are at risk.

Anti-vaxxers claim that the risk of complications from measles in healthy children is low, but it's not the healthy children who are at the greatest risk.

Those most at risk are infants too young to be immunized and those with weak immune systems that can't fight off the virus. With the virus spreading again due to the anti-vaxxer movement, these people are more at risk of catching it.

The post was brought to the attention of the Texas Children's Facebook page on Friday. The hospital quickly launched an investigation and took action.

The hospital has confirmed that they were treating one case of measles last week. A spokesperson says the hospital is reaching out to all people who have come in contact with the patient in an attempt to contain the case so the virus doesn't spread.

"We are also aware that one of our nurses posted information on social media and we take these matters very seriously. A thorough investigation is underway," they wrote.

The nurse has since been terminated.

In an email to the Daily Mail, the hospital spokesperson stated, "This is a highly-contagious, vaccine-preventable infection. We know vaccination is the best protection against measles."

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Jacob Sippel/US Navy Photo, ABC 13, ABC 7

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