Nurse Shamed by Store Cahsier for Her Hair, Gives Epic Response

Mary Walls Penney is a nurse that specializes in the treatment of patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Her hair also happens to be rainbow colored, and that didn’t escape the attention of a cashier at a local convenience store. As Yahoo reports, the cashier would proceed to question her and others in line about the appropriateness of her appearance for her duties as a nurse.

Mary was in uniform with her name tag on, and the cashier proceeded to ask her what she did. When she replied that she was a nurse, the cashier offered up an unsolicited perspective.

“I’m surprised they let you work there like that. What do your patients think about your hair?” she said, and also proceeded to ask the next customer in line to chime in. Mary would take to Facebook to share the awkward encounter, and also offer up a heartfelt response about her appearance.

“I can’t recall a time that my hair color has prevented me from providing lifesaving treatment to one of my patients. My tattoos have never kept them from holding my hand … as they lay frightened and crying because Alzheimer’s has stolen their mind,” her post reads in part.

Source: Yahoo
Photo: Facebook/Mary Walls Penney

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