As Odd Oval Cloud Hovers Low Over City, People Begin To Worry About Alien Invasion

It seemed to be an otherwise ordinary day in Russia when residents of Moscow looked up and started to panic. They believed that aliens from another planet were about to land and take over the city.

The fears were raised due to an unusually low-hanging cloud shaped like a disk. People filmed the strange phenomena, catching the interest of UFO enthusiasts.

"This is the end, isn't it?" a social media user said in response to a video of the oddly shaped cloud.

"So does that actually mean that aliens do exist?" one person questioned.

The strange-looking cloud hovering over Andropov Avenue made a lot of people nervous. A passerby posted the video to social media.

"What is that? Aliens? Is it a UFO?" he asks as he films the clip.

Other people came forward to say they saw similar cloud forms. "Oh wow! I also spotted some weird-looking clouds in the city center that day, but I thought I imagined it. I wonder what will happen next?!" one woman said.

"I've been seeing things like that on the skyline for a while now, but previously they seemed a little less distinct," another added.

Scientists have come forward to say people should not panic, because it is highly unlikely that there is anything extraterrestrial hidden in the mist. They identified the fluffy figure as a cumulus cloud, which are very common.

They form at lower levels in the atmosphere, and usually signify fair weather when they hang low. When they rise, they can bring rain.

Cumulus clouds can take many random shapes; it was just a fluke that this one looked so disc-like.

Not all UFO believers were convinced, however, pointing to how smooth and well-shaped the cloud looks. The video could have been a scene out of the science fiction flick, 'Independence Day'.

There have been a lot of UFO sightings over Eastern Europe lately. Two glowing orbs were spotted over Kazakhstan during the weekend of the World Cup quarter final. The lights were only a few miles away from where England and Sweden were playing.

In some amateur videos taken by passers-by, the glowing silver object appeared to have exploded or crashed. Whatever it was, there have been no confirmations of the event.

Recently, the Pentagon in the U.S. finally admitted that they have been trying to discover if the truth is out there. They ran investigations from 2007 to 2012 in an attempt to figure out if alien space craft does indeed exist. The department had an annual budget of $22 million, but when budget issues arose and priorities had to be changed, the program was closed.

The Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, as it was called, said in a statement that they took every potential threat seriously. Unfortunately, they claim they didn't find anything.

"They produced reams of paperwork. After all of that there was really nothing there that we could find. It all pretty much dissolved from that reason alone—and the interest level was losing steam," said one former staff member to Politico in an interview.

Nick Pope, a former staffer for the UK's UFO project, disagrees that the skies are clear. “The take-home message here is that there’s probably something out there, but we don’t know what it is... Like our US colleagues, we too denied – even to parliament – that we were undertaking secret studies into the UFO phenomenon and consistently downplayed the true extent of our interest and activity at the Ministry of Defense.”

Source: Dailymail
Photos: Dailymail Screenshot, Flickr/Nickolas Titkov

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