Officer Goes Above And Beyond For Homeless Man - Its Going Viral

An NYC commuter recently noted an inspiring act of kindness by an NYPD officer. He noticed a homeless man who was illegally digging through a trash can at a Grand Central Terminal last week get approached by two cops, but the encounter did not turn out like he expected.

Joshua Lagan was the commuter who was standing on the subway platform watching the man collecting cans out of the trash.

When two NYPD officers saw the man, they came over to the trashcan to talk to the man, Lagan posted on Facebook.

When the officers asked the man what he was collecting the cans for, and the man looked at them and replied, "socks, I want socks."

Then one of the policemen, later identified by the NYPD as Officer Rendina, smiled and put his arm around the man. He then told the man he would take him and buy him some socks at a local store.

"I'll buy you socks for Christmas-- Merry Christmas," Officer Rendina told the man.

"Are you serious?" the disbelieving homeless man kept asking the officer as they finished their conversation and walked off together.

Source: Fox News
Photo: Facebook/Joshua Lagan

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