Parents Demand Answers After Teen Sends Them Picture Of His School Lunch

A revelation about school lunches shocked many parents, and the school system behind it all is in some hot water.

Students in an Oklahoma high school quickly lost their appetites after their cafeteria workers attempted to serve them foods that were visibly rotten. The students, who participate in the federal free lunch program, say that just because they're getting it for free doesn't mean they deserve moldy goods.

Oklahoma City Public Schools have a lot of upset students on their hands. The kids are taking to social media to post photos of the nasty lunches they're being served.

The spoiled goods are enough to outrage anyone.

“This has been going on all four years that I've been here. It's not an uncommon thing to find mold or raw chicken or straight up nastiness,” said senior Ilan Waller of Southeast High School.

"At the end of the day, I'm starving because I have to go to practice after school and that lasts like three hours.”

Some 25 percent of all students throughout Oklahoma are on the free meal plan, including all students in Oklahoma City.

The Oklahoma City Public School System recently announced that they'll be offering free lunches to every student because it's cheaper to feed all the kids than it is to go through all of the paperwork for the application process. They claim the program provides nutritious meals, and it benefits the entire community that students are well fed.

But kids receiving the food beg to differ; they are less than thrilled with what’s being put in front of them on a plate, and they feel that just because it’s free doesn’t make it okay. Waller says people think he's wrong to complain about a free lunch, but he doesn't agree.

“I get backlash from it. People saying, 'They're not forcing you to eat it.'"

"Well it's not about me. It's about everybody because some kids are forced to eat it because that's their only food,” he said.

For some impoverished families, a good lunch at school is the only meal the kids get throughout the day when the family’s grocery budget runs short.

So many complaints have been pouring in that the Oklahoma City Public Schools has launched an investigation. Unlike the students, the officials found nothing wrong with the school's lunch food.

"We found no issues during the investigation, having verified that the temperature in milk coolers and our rotation processes are being followed and that our fruit, which is the highest quality fruit available on the market, is being inspected every day,” said Beth Harrison, chief communications officer at Oklahoma City Public Schools.

They might want to check out the Facebook pages of some students who have been posting photos of revolting lunches.

Waller posted a moldy orange on his Facebook page shortly after the new term began.

A day later, he snapped a photo of his freshly opened milk container, exposing a curdled goo inside. The next day he had another rotten piece of fruit to post.

Another student was disgusted by a partially wet peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Malik McConnell said he ate it anyway, because he was hungry, but he thinks it was previously frozen and poorly defrosted.

Source: KFOR, Yahoo
Photo: KFOR Screenshot

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