Passenger Turns to Middle Eastern Man, Horrifies Plane with His Question

A man flying from Chicago to Houston on United Airlines couldn't help but noticed a passenger of 'Middle Eastern appearance' on the plain holding a bag. The passenger got so bold as to ask the other passenger if he was carrying a bomb. He was promptly removed from the plane. A woman behind the man filmed the scene.

A man with a thick southern accent boarded the plane at O'Hare airport and asked the Middle Eastern-looking man the offensive question. The woman behind him quickly began to film and asked him to repeat what he said. The southern man peered between the seats behind him at the woman and repeated something about how all the 'illegals and sh-t' needed to get out of the country.

At that point, a male flight attendant stepped up to him and said, "Sir, you’re going to have to collect your belongings and come with me."

"White supremacist getting thrown off the plane!" the woman filming announced.

The southern man asked the flight attendant, "Where am I going to get my next flight?"

The flight attendant told him they would discuss it off the plane. He insisted that the southern man's companion come as well.

The bitter man began swearing and told someone, "Happy flight home, I hope you stay there."

The woman filming the incident seemed gleeful that the man was being removed. "Goodbye racist. This isn’t Trump’s America," she called out to him.

"Goodbye, I’ll be back, you’ll be gone," the southern man responded.

She wasn’t the only one happy to see the racist man go. The cabin erupted into cheers and applauds as the flight attendant escorted the man and his companion down the aisle.

United wouldn’t comment much on the incident, but a spokesperson for the airlines confirmed that the man was removed from the flight because he was making other passengers uncomfortable with his comments.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: MailOnline

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