Police Catch Lawyer Doing The Unthinkable To Women

A woman began taping her conversations with her attorney and heard some disturbing things. Conversations would turn sexual and use explicit language, though she would have no recollection of them. She claims she was placed in a trance.

The unnamed woman brought her recordings to authorities and told them her suspicions. She hired Michael Fine to represent her in a custody case in 2013, but she said she didn't go to authorities sooner because she didn't think they would take her seriously.

Wearing audio/video hidden surveillance devices, the woman went into the Sheffield law office and met with her attorney. Fine put the woman in a trance and started discussing sexual acts with her.

Police raided Fine's office and the lawyer was arrested. Other women came forward, suspecting Fine did the same thing to them.

Fine voluntarily gave up his law license and pled guilty to kidnapping and attempted kidnapping in charges that involved at least six unnamed women.

Fine has been sentenced to 12 years in prison and will have to register as a sex offender.

Source: ABC News
Photo: YouTube

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