Police Left Speechless By Couple's Reason For Violent Rampage

Onlookers were shocked and police were surprised when two women had to be arrested after going on a violent rampage. Two women from Texas gave their $100,000 Mercedes to a valet parking attendant.

They then went into a restaurant, had a few drinks and began violently attacking people. The married couple is now facing assault charges.

Amy and Barbara Witherite, a married couple from Dallas, were arrested and charged with several counts of assault after a violent spree at a restaurant on Saturday morning. The two had a few drinks and started to leave the restaurant, but the valet didn't put their car where they expected it.

The women arrived at the restaurant on Saturday and handed the keys to a valet attendant, ate a meal and had a few drinks, according to reports. They then decided to leave.

When they got outside of the restaurant, Amy, a personal injury lawyer, became 'irate' because her car wasn't parked out front. It was parked somewhere out of view.

"Where the f--k is my car?" she allegedly told the valet when she didn't she her 2017 Mercedes S550 in sight.

The valet told Amy that he would bring the car around to her, but Amy was furious. She punched him in the face.

The women reportedly got violent and assaulted people. Barbara, a 56-year-old woman, confronted witnesses. "Do you think this is funny?" she asked, and began punching and kicking a witness.

Amy smashed a glass against a person's face. Barbara punched a woman and knocked her down, then tried to take her purse to prevent the woman from calling 911.

A crowd attempted to subdue the women. One man put Barbara in a headlock, but Amy became even more livid and attacked him.

The women then fled to their car and tried to leave the scene, but their keys were still with the valet.

Fifty-year-old Amy accepts responsibility for her actions, and admits that it had something to do with the alcohol the women consumed in the restaurant.

On Tuesday, she told the Dallas Morning News, "I got upset at something I should have never gotten upset at. And it's on me. It started over something trivial, and I shouldn't have allowed it to happen."

"I really am deeply embarrassed of my behavior. I'm going to try to handle this as responsibly as I can," she added.

Any faces three counts of misdemeanor assault. Barbara is charged with four counts of misdemeanor assault, and one count of intervening with an emergency call.

Barbara has not made any comments publicly. On Sunday, the two women were released on bail.

Ironically, Amy was in a video for her law firm, in which she tells potential clients, "When you have a crisis, it's almost like your brain turns to mush!"

Most people wouldn't consider the valet parking the car in the wrong place a crisis worthy of turning the brain into mush, but a crisis obviously emerged out of it. At least she knows some lawyers who can help, because she knows exactly what’s coming next.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Facebook Fox 4, Dallas Teas Personal Injury Lawyers, Press Release 123

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