Police Officers Separate Mother from Newborn Son

In a stunning case, Kimberly Rossler was breastfeeding her 3-week-old son James, when sheriff's deputies arrived at her house in Mobile, Alabama to take him away. Rossler told WECT 6 “They let me finish breastfeeding him, and I put him in his car seat, as I screamed and cried and watched them take my child away, with no answers whatsoever." At the beginning of her pregnancy, Rossler considered giving her child up for adoption through Adoption Rocks, which set her up with prospective adoptive mother Kate Sharp. Rossler then sought counseling and decided she should keep her son.

Rossler said "I tried to tell [adoption attorney Donna Ames] numerous times, and she just brushed it off like this was nothing, like this happens." Despite all parties being in agreement, no one told her she needed to fill out additional paperwork. While in the hospital, Sharp texted Rossler, “I am devastated but I understand, let me know if you have a change of heart." It turns out that later, Sharp apparently went to a judge and requested custody of the baby, alleging endangerment and mental instability.

Judge Brown signed the order to remove James from Rossler's custody. Brown told The Huffington Post he would never have authorized the baby’s removal had he known it was an adoption, not a rescue.

Rossler has not seen her son for weeks, and she says all she wants is to have him back.

Photo: New York Daily News

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