Protestors Enter The Capitol, Demand Paul Ryan Denounce This - Doesn't End Well

A group of millennials got together and headed to the U.S. Capitol office on Tuesday morning. The group was there to demand Paul Ryan denounce racism in the Republican party, as well as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The two dozen twenty-somethings showed up at the door of Paul Ryan’s office, but the House Speaker didn't have time for a meeting. The protesters planted themselves in the hallway where they proceeded to wave signs and sing.

The protesters came to insist that Ryan make good on his promise to stand up to members of his party who display Islamophobia.

"As a Muslim, I’m sick and tired of the racism of the Republican Party,” said 25-year-old Waleed Shahid.

“Paul Ryan and the Republican Party are responsible for Donald Trump’s racism... Donald Trump is not an aberration. He is the result of 50 years of racist strategy to divide the American people… and young people will not stand for this,” Shahid said.

Protesters claimed to be part of a newly formed group named All of US. They cheered each other on as they took turns speaking before each other and anyone else who would listen.

Officers informed the group that their protest was illegal several times. When they refused to abandon their sit-in, officers came to escort them out of the building. Eleven of them resisted and were arrested.

“Paul Ryan, you’re racist. Your party’s all white faces,” they chanted as they were led out of the building. “Your time is up, you led to Trump, and now it’s time to face it.”

Ryan was not available for comment.

Source: Think Progress
Photo: Facebook

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