School Resource Officer In Hot Water After Video Surfaces Of Him Manhandling A Student

A school police officer has been placed on administrative leave after a video of him body slamming a female student to the ground went public this week.

Officer Ruben De Los Santos of the Rolesville Police Department can be seen picking up the student and then forcefully slamming her on the ground. The stunned student is then picked up and marched away with the officer holding her hands behind her back.

A local TV station is reporting a witness noted the incident occurred during a fight between two other students at Rolesville High School. The student who was thrown by the officer "was trying to defend her sister and to break things up," according to the witness.

Apparently, the female student received minor injuries, "but nothing extremely serious," based on a report later in the day.

Of note, De Los Santos is a resource officer at the high school in Rolesville, North Carolina, around 15 miles north of Raleigh.

A local newspaper reports both county state officials noted they were investigating the incident. The officer's violent behavior has been criticized by parents of students at the school and the American Civil Liberties Union, who described the incident at the high school as a "disturbing use of force."

Source: CNN
Photo: YouTube

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