Social Worker Makes Horrific Find When They Check On 3-Year-Old

A Connecticut toddler lived alone with her mother, and her mother tragically passed away one day. With no way to get help, the toddler spent about a week taking care of herself.

The 3-year-old girl was found alone, and her 37-year-old mother was found in the bedroom. It's unclear exactly how long the mother was dead, but police believe it was 'definitely more than a couple of days,' and likely around a week.

After the child missed several consecutive days of day care, a social worker went to check on the family in the East Hartford apartment. She knocked on the door and the child called out to her from inside. The social worker got the child to unlock the door for her.

The little girl thought her mother had been sleeping. She'd been surviving on cereal that had spilled out onto the floor. The girl was rushed to a hospital for an examination and was found to be healthy, though dehydrated.

Police could find no evidence of foul play in investigating the mother's death. It doesn't look like there had been a break-in or a scuffle. An autopsy is being conducted and authorities are waiting on the results.

A neighbor felt guilty after seeing the story on the news. “I was mortified,” said Susan Tash, who lived downstairs from the mother and daughter. “It hit me hard because the noise upstairs and I felt kind of responsible.”

Tash said she heard the child screaming and crying quite a bit over the week, but she assumed the little girl was just being fussy.

Source: NY Post
Photo: ABC News

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