Son Notices Something Strange About Mother, Father On Life Support

Photos of one couple showing an incredibly tender and touching moment have gone viral. The photos were taken by their son and show their last moments on Earth together.

Jim and Cindy had been together for 24 years. After dating for a short while, Cindy revealed to Jim that she was pregnant. She was worried about the outcome, but she didn't need to be - Jim burst into tears of joy. They started their little family and had been together ever since.

Sadly, Jim was diagnosed with lung cancer years later. Despite his valiant efforts to battle it at every turn, the cancer kept winning the war. Family bonds were only strengthened as Cindy and Chris, the couple's son, took care of Jim. The time came to brace for the worst.

Then another tragedy struck that separated the lovers. Just as Jim was in his final days, Cindy suffered a heart attack. She was in an entirely different hospital in a different city.

Chris and Jim's doctors wanted to give Cindy and Jim a final goodbye They fought to arrange for unconscious Cindy to be transferred to Jim's hospital. Jim, who couldn't speak, said his goodbyes privately. The two beds were pushed together so Jim could see Cindy and hold her hand. Chris took photos of the moment.

Jim passed away with Cindy by his side. Cindy was unaware of it at the time, but the photos her son took memorialized the couple's last moments forever. As Cindy recovers, she finds the pictures a great comfort to have.

Source: Little Things
Photo: Little Things/Chris Mininni

Man holds wife's hand saying his final goodbye.

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