Tampon Puts Woman In A Coma; She Woke Up, But Couldn't Remember Her Family

Tampons are such a common product; most women use them monthly without realizing that they carry a very serious threat: Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). One mother from Wales didn't realize that the illness she felt was due to her tampons until it was almost too late.

She ended up in a coma. She was lucky to wake from it, but her health and her memory had seriously declined.

It was four years ago when 27-year-old Deborah Usher from Porthmadog thought she had the flu. No one thought much of it until the young mother was rushed to the emergency room.

She was diagnosed with TSS, a form of blood poisoning that comes from a bacterial infection caused by tampons.

Doctors had to induce a coma to treat Usher, but twice they tried to wake her, and she wouldn't come out of it. They told her family to brace themselves and expect the worst.

She was put on life support and told the Daily Mail that it was really 'touch and go' for a while there.

"My mum refused to take any photos of me in hospital as she didn't want them to be the last photos she ever took of me," she recalls.

"She told me afterwards that every night she would think about my funeral in her head as she was so convinced that I'd never wake up again."

Thankfully Usher finally did come out of the coma, but all was not well.

When she regained consciousness, she was like a small child. Usher didn't recognize anyone in her family — not even her own eight-year-old son.

She couldn't walk, talk, wash or dress herself. She couldn't feed herself. Like a small child, she needed round-the-clock care.

It's been four years since her illness, but Usher is still suffering the effects from TSS. It took her a few months, but she eventually learned to walk and do things for herself again.

She still has a weak immune system. But worst of all, the illness has destroyed her memories.

"Since I woke from the coma four years ago I've struggled to remember Christmas since, and all the memories I had of it before have been wiped, the whole experience has been heart-breaking," she admits.

"I can't even remember the presents I've brought Joshua until he opens them. I can't remember him opening his presents or getting excited waiting for Santa to come. I have pictures of him with presents, and us decorating the tree together, but I don't remember them."

If not for family photos, she would never know much of her past, or her child's life.

"TSS has completely taken over my life, it's like having a permanent hangover every day where you have memory blanks and your head feels funny," Usher said.

She doesn't remember people's faces, or places that she's visited.

One thing she'll always remember is that she'll never use tampons again.

"Somehow there must have been a slight tear and the toxins got into my bloodstream, I was so lucky to be alive," she says. "I would never use them again after I know what I do now, they've completely ruined my life."

Source: MailOnline
Photo: MailOnline

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