Teen Gets Called Into Principal's Office - Hours Later, He's Dead

A school is facing a major dilemma after a visit to the principal's office led to a young man's death.

An honor roll student at a suburban Chicago high school got called into the dean's office after the school discovered he made a sex video. The student killed himself later that day by stepping off a five-story building.

After the tragedy, authorities are now putting a spotlight on how schools should handle such incidents.

Sex videos have become more and more common in recent years. Attitudes towards sex have changed and it's no longer treated as taboo.

Everyone has a camera, and they don't have to buy film or have film developed. During a sexual encounter, it's become too easy and too tempting to just push a button on your phone and smile for the camera.

Teens, in particular, might not put much thought into the fact that a sex video can end up as something they very much regret later. They don't realize how friends can betray a confidence and easily share the sensitive materials in an instant.

They don't realize that, even if they film it themselves and have the consent of their partner, it is still considered child pornography, a federal offense.

One 16-year-old student in an Illinois high school quickly regretted a video he made accidentally. The two had sex in his car and at one point, Corey turned on the video function of his cell phone. He dropped it and it caught nothing but two minutes of audio. He later played it for four friends, but never sent it to anyone.

The girl heard about the video from a friend and became upset. Corey had not gotten permission from her to film the encounter. She reported it to the school.

The dean of Naperville North High School called Corey Walgren into his office in January after the student's sex video was brought to his attention. Hours later, Corey killed himself.

"They scared the hell out of the kid, and that's what drove Corey to kill himself," said Terry Ekl, the attorney representing Corey's parents, Maureen and Doug Walgren.

The parents are suing the school, accusing the administration of traumatizing their son. School officials told Corey that he could be federally charged for making child pornography, and may be forced to register as a sex offender, according to the federal suit.

Corey, who had never been in trouble at school before, was terrified, according to the documents.

Schools don't agree on how sexual imagery found among students should be handled. Some believe the school officials have a responsibility to respond, while others say what is on a student's private phone or computer should be reported to parents and police.

Not reporting the images would be considered a crime, says the Illinois Association of School Boards guidelines.

Some criticize child pornography laws, saying they should not be invoked when kids share their private sexual imagery with other kids. At the time child pornography laws were initially drafted, they were meant to protect kids from adults who would exploit them.

No one could have predicted that every kid would eventually have a miniature recording studio and distribution device in his own pocket. Hormonally charged teens can make bad decisions, and it should not be overlooked when teens record or share personal sexual imagery; however, the severe consequences of being labeled a child pornographer for it can ruin lives.

Corey was sadly convinced it would ruin his.

Source: Yahoo
Photos: YouTube, CBS Screenshot, 6ABC, NCTV 17, Twitter

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