Teen Goes To The Doctor, Sent Home - Hours Later, She’s Dead

A 16-year-old UK girl described by her friends as 'gorgeous' and 'bubbly' passed away. The most tragic thing about her death is that it might have been prevented, but a hospital misdiagnosed her and released her. Despite the girl and her mother's protests, the hospital insisted it was 'just a virus' and discharged her.

Isabel Gentry, known to her family and friends as Izzy, started feeling some typical cold and flu signs, but the symptoms progressed so rapidly it frightened her family. By 1 am, she was suffering from a severe headache, vomiting, and even started fainting.

Her mother called an ambulance and the child was rushed to the hospital, but at 5 am, doctors wanted to discharge her. They said Izzy had a virus and would be okay.

“I was concerned that the examination was not particularly thorough and that the doctor was distracted,” Izzy's mother, Claire Booty, said in court.

“Izzy said, ‘Mom, I can’t believe they’re sending me home, I feel so ill,’” Booty recounted.

As it turned out, Izzy had meningitis. Doctors figured this out when Izzy was rushed back to the hospital the next. By then, the brain swelling had progressed and done major damage. Izzy couldn't communicate. She thrashed and flailed with her limps. The next day, she passed away.

“Given the symptoms were flu-like, I was given no guidance about what to look out for if her condition deteriorated." said Booty. “Izzy wasn’t given a chance.”

Stepsister Betty Booty announced the girl's death on Facebook. “I am very hesitant to post this, but feel this is the easiest way to tell my family and friends at the same time,” she wrote. “Yesterday my beautiful step-sister Izzy Gentry passed away. My heart is broken knowing we will not be able to do so many of the things we have always talked about. We were both the sisters neither of us ever had and you will forever be by my side for the rest of my life.”

“Rest in paradise, my little best friend,” Betty concluded.

Source: NY Post
Photo: Isabel Gentry/Facebook

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