Teen Purchases Coats At Goodwill To Help The Homeless

Teenagers tend to get a bad rap, and that’s not a new phenomenon by any means. Since the beginning of time, every generation has bemoaned the problems that are to come with future generations.

We see that happen all the time these days, as there are constant calls that we’re all doomed once the youngsters among us grow to be in charge. For confirmation, many will cite the seemingly out-of-touch behavior that seems to be prevalent amongst the teens of the world.

While that certainly may be the case in some cases, there actually are plenty of good eggs in the bunch. As with everything else in life, the good ones fly under the radar as the attention is given to the ones that seem to be not right.

As Little Things shares, one of those good eggs is getting some attention for doing something amazing, and we’ll take that as further confirmation that there’s plenty of teens that will be just fine in the long run. Fredrick White, 19, was captured on camera doing a good deed, and the subsequent post about his kind actions would lead to him becoming a viral sensation.

White was at the local Goodwill store with the intent of purchasing some coats for the homeless members of the community. He gathered a bunch up and headed off to the register, and the cashier was startled to see the young man purchasing so many.

A conversation was struck from that point, and White would nonchalantly mention what he intended to do.

Another customer caught wind of what was going on, and he would snap a pic that he later forwarded to his daughter. She would go on to share the pic and a post about the amazing scene.

“My dad saw this amazing young man buying $65 in coats for the homeless in canton goodwill today. We don’t know who you are sir but you deserve recognition!"

"Keep being an amazing person!” she wrote.

That post caught on like wildfire, and White was eventually tracked down by the local media for some reaction.

“I was at work and I was like, 'oh my god,' they snapped a picture of me,” he said.

He explained that he didn’t understand what all the hubbub was about. White simply saw a way that he could help those in need, and he went ahead and did it.

“Basically when I was younger, we really didn't have that much money so it wasn't like every year we could get a new coat. I had to stick with what I had," he explained.

"One good deed for each person. Just wake up and do something different."

It’s great to see that this post captured so much attention, and hopefully it will open even more eyes to the fact that there are plenty of young folks out there that have their heads on straight and their hearts in the right place. That can be tough to see when you come across a bad experience with a teenager or two, but it’s important to keep things in perspective.

Those that appear to be on the wrong path may very well find the right way before too long. In the interim, perhaps providing more attention to those that are already well on their way will lead to some additional inspiration for other teens to do the same.

Source: Little Things, WKYC
Photo: WKYC, Facebook

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