Three Years After Divorce, Woman Gets A Present That Brings Her Full Circle

Marriage isn't easy, and if a couple is going to stay together it's going to require effort on their part. Even people who love each other very much can sometimes find their relationship buckling under life's pressures.

But if love is real, and if it's right, it'll always find a way. That's what happened with one couple who divorced three years ago.

Jeffrey Agan, Sr. and Lorrie Spahn Agan had been married for 25 years. They had their share of ups and downs, but as the years went on, it seemed that there were more and more downs.

Turmoil and heartbreak got the better of the two, and in 2014 they were divorced.

The couple went their separate ways. Jeffrey found himself by expressing his creativity; he began nurturing a passion for writing poetry.

Lorrie went to a rustic sweat lodge and got in touch with nature as she did some soul-searching. They spent a couple of years apart, and it did both of them a lot of good to get a breather.

They both re-evaluated their lives and learned from their mistakes. They were able to put the past behind them.

After a while, Jeffrey began realizing that what he was missing most in his life was what he had all along. He got in touch with Lorrie and asked her on a date.

The two began seeing each other casually, and it wasn't long before the relationship started growing again. Jeffrey realized that getting divorced from the woman he loved was a huge mistake, and this Christmas he was determined to rectify it.

On Christmas morning, Lorrie was given a gift from Jeffrey in a big box. It was wrapped really well, and she had to work at releasing the gift.

As she struggled to pull off paper and tear through cardboard, Jeffrey took a position on one knee in front of her.

Jeffrey had given Lorrie a printing of one of his poems. As she read it, she realized what he was asking.

She looked up at him in shock, and Jeffrey was holding up a box with a ring in it.

Lorrie was elated. She screamed 'Yes!' immediately and jumped into his arms.

She cried and cried, thrilled to be reunited with the true love of her life.

Jeffrey Jr., the couple's son, put up a post on the Love What Matters Facebook page to share the beautiful story.

"My parents were married for more than 20 years, divorced, fought a lot, went to work on themselves. Years later, they start dating and as of yesterday, this happened... Congrats Mom and Dad!"

"True love always finds its way back around," he wrote.

Many people reading the couple’s story were inspired by their love, the post went viral. Soon, the media was getting in touch with the couple.

They were happy to share their story.

"So many people are going through painful experiences," said Jeffrey Sr. to 'Today'. "So, I think what's touched so many people about this video is there's definite proof with this video that true love exists."

He continued, "And that true love eventually will find its way — sometimes it just takes a little while and there might be a couple of detours."

Source: Faith Tap
Photo: Love What Matters/Facebook

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