Walmart Stirs Outrage With Controversial Back-To-School Display

It's back-to-school sales time, and it's not surprising to walk into any mega-mart like Walmart and find notebooks, pencils and back packs on display with signs. One back-to-school display in Evansville, Indiana really shocked shoppers, however.

The sign read, "Own the school year like a hero."

Underneath was a display of guns.

Gun control and safety is a hot-button issue in the country right now. After countless senseless deaths and acts of violence in a divided country, you would think that people, whether they support or oppose the second amendment, would be a little more sensitive when it comes to firearms. Obviously, those people don't work at Walmart.

One Twitter user posted a photo of the display, along with the comment, "Explain this @Walmart."

Many people expressed shock over the lack of sensitivity. With all the school shootings that have devastated communities across the nation in the last couple of decades, it's a shock that no one at Walmart seemed to realize that this display might be a bad idea.

Twitter user @OMGItsBirdman initially thought it must have been a customer prank, but then he added, “they hire pretty much anyone at Walmart.”

Walmart got bombarded with complaints over the terrible sign, with many wondering just what merchandiser thought it would be a good idea, and just what store manager okayed it. Walmart corporate quickly had the display pulled, and their social media department had a very busy time cleaning up the mess.

"Absolutely, Anthony. We agree this was horrible and we've since removed the sign from the display. -Vik," read a tweet to the initial poster.

Vik then got busy following up on people's pages across the twitterverse, personally apologizing to each one.

"We understand and agree this is truly horrible. We want you to know we removed this as soon as we were alerted to the store locat1on. -Vik," read one post.

"We totally agree. We have since had the sign removed from the display. This was horrible and we're so sorry this happened. -Vik," read another.

Apparently, it was too much for Vik to handle alone, so someone named 'Dean' joined in.

"The sign's gone and we're looking into how this could have happened. Thanks for letting us know. -Dean," wrote the other Walmart social media poster.

"That's not acceptable. This sign is no longer on this display. We are very sorry about this. -Dean," read another tweet.

"It is. It's a really disturbing photo and we're still investigating how this could have happened, Kathleen. We're so sorry. -Dean," said another.

Other Walmart employees also dropped what they were doing to send regrets through the twitterverse.

"We definitely wouldn’t allow this to happen in our stores, Aks. We're looking into what occurred with this regrettable situation. -Toni," said one person.

"We apologize for this dreadful mistake and are working to identify the store involved. -Mac," said another.

Walmart really dropped the ball on that one. Hopefully stores that sell guns in the future will be a little more careful about their signage.

Source: The Daily Dot
Photo: YouTube

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