97-Year-Old Widow Waits Seven Hours In Rain To Meet Prince Harry For The Second Time

England’s Prince Harry meets literally thousands of people each year given the myriad of official functions and charitable events he attends. Moreover, while he's very busy carrying out all of his official and unofficial responsibilities, he always makes a point to spend time quality with as many of his fans as possible.

In fact, in many cases when the public finds out that the prince is coming, some people make extensive plans and go to great extremes to see him in person. As it turns out, those lucky enough to get to meet Prince Harry will usually just get to shake his hand or perhaps receive a kiss on the cheek.

However, there are exceptions to the rule.

In one recent case in Australia, a woman spent over seven hours waiting in the rain so she could meet her favorite member of the royal family. This highly enthused “young lady” had first met Harry two years prior and desperately hoped that he would remember her.

Prince Harry had come to Sydney, Australia to promote the Invictus Games. During his tour of Sydney Harbor, Daphne Dunne, a 97-year-old widow, was patiently waiting for the prince with throngs of other fans.

The prince was gradually working his way through the crowd greeting people when he spotted Daphne. It turned out she needn’t have worried because the sharp-eyed prince recognized her right away and immediately reached out to her like an old friend.

The first time Daphne met the prince was when he was working with the Australian Defense Force and came by the Sydney Opera House. It seems he noticed Daphne in the crowd because she was wearing several military medals that evening.

In particular, he noticed the woman had on the prestigious Victoria Cross.

It seems that Daphne is a vet of the Australian Women's Army service.

She then told prince how her first husband, who was killed at age 24 during World War II, was awarded the Victoria Cross posthumously. When he died, the couple had only been married for one year.

Daphne says that she occasionally wears the medals to honor the memory of her husband, Albert Chowne. She often puts them on for events supporting military service.

Apparently, the prince gave Daphne a kiss on the cheek the first time they met and repeated the gesture again during their second meeting.

Daphne explained in an interview with the media:

"He remembered me. And gave me another kiss on the other side."

Prince Harry then spent a few moments chatting with Daphne and gave her a hug before moving on.

Like millions of other admirers across the globe, Daphne says she finds the prince’s dedication to veterans and members of the military especially admirable. Harry has been a key figure in the launch of the Invictus Games in 2014, an event where wounded, injured, or sick military personnel from all branches compete in various sporting events.

Sydney, Australia is hosting the Invictus Games in 2018, and you can be certain that Daphne will make every effort to see the prince when he returns again next year.

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Photo: YouTube

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