Woman Couldn't Figure Out Why She Was Gaining Weight; Doctors Find It's A Massive Cyst

An Alabama woman was suffering with stomach pain for months, and started gaining weight. She couldn't figure out why she was getting so heavy, despite all her best efforts to take it off. As her health went downhill, she finally saw a doctor. They were stunned by what they found.

Kayla Rahn of Montgomery found that her health problems weren't due to an ordinary weight gain. The 30-year-old was told by doctors that she had a 50-lb cyst on one of her ovaries. It explained a lot.

As Rahn began to gain weight, she tried to take it off, but couldn't. People began asking her if she was pregnant. She was even asked if she was having twins.

“I kept thinking it was weight,” she later told Fox News.

The weight gain really took a toll on her well-being. "I couldn't even walk to my car without losing my breath," she told NBC12.

Rahn's mother became worried about her daughter and finally convinced her to go to the emergency room at Jackson Hospital. That's where doctors found the massive cyst.

Rahn was actually relieved when she learned it could be removed. “I do remember telling my mom and busting out crying that they were going to fix it,” she said in an email to Fox News.

A day after discovering the cyst, Rahn was brought into surgery. The medical team was shocked by the size of the growth.

“This is one of the largest I have ever seen or certainly removed,” said Dr. Gregory Jones, one of the surgeons attending the operation.

Jones said that he and the medical team are very happy that the surgery went so well for her. She’s expected to make a full recovery. "The technical diagnosis, it was a mucinous cystadenoma," said Jones. "It is a benign condition."

A day after the surgery, Rahn said she felt like a 'huge burden has been lifted'.

"As soon as I got home and was able to move a little, I tried every shirt I had on and it was awesome," she said. "This dress I have on, I actually have not been able to wear in a year."

Though 50 pounds is huge for a cyst, it's not the largest cyst on record. A 24-year-old woman in Mexico went to the doctor after putting on 61 pounds. She looked as though she were ready to give birth to multiples, but it turned out she had a cyst weight 73 pounds.

The weight of the cyst gave the woman problems walking, breathing, eating and also put her at risk for heart failure due to the pressure on her organs.

"This is the biggest cyst I have operated on, it was so large that it took up 95% of the patient's abdomen," said Dr. Erik Hanson Viana, who helped surgically removed the cyst at Mexico General Hospital.

A graphic photo shows the doctor holding the cyst in his arms. It's about the size and shape of a beanbag chair.

'Giant cysts' are defined as any cyst weighing over 26 pounds, or bigger than 10 cm (approximately 4 inches). Having one removed for a patient who has been suffering with a giant cyst can be life-changing, and many are able to go on and live a normal life without the debilitating problem.

Source: Fox News
Photos: You Tube Screenshots

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