Woman Does The Unthinkable Attempting To Escape Tinder Date Trying To Kill Her

Australian Gable Tostee is on trial accused of murdering New Zealand tourist Warriena Tagpuno Wright, 26, who fell to her death from the balcony of his apartment in August 2014.

In a recording he made, Tostee, 30, can be heard calling Wright, who he met on Tinder, a “psycho b***h” and told her she was lucky he didn't throw her off his balcony just moments before she fell to her death.

Crown prosecutor Glenn Cash admitted to the Brisbane Supreme Court that Tostee did not actually throw Wright to her death, but intimidated and scared her so much she felt the only way to escape was to climb down from his locked 14th floor balcony.

The audio recording made by Tostee that captured an altercation between the two as well as Wright's eventual death was played in court.

Cash said Tostee became angry after Wright threw some decorative rocks at him.
Wright's mother Beth Wright sobbed as the court heard how Tostee choked and restrained her daughter.

“You're lucky I haven't chucked you off my balcony you God damn psycho bitch,” Tostee says in the audio recording.

“You're not going to collect any belongings, you're just going to walk out. If you try to pull anything I'll knock you out, I'll knock you the f*** out - do you understand?,” he continued screaming at her.

Cash went on to say that Tostee physically forced Wright onto the balcony and locked the door to the apartment, so her only way to escape was to try to climb down the building.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: MailOnline

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