Woman Found with Amnesia Causing Global Mystery

This story may make you feel like you're watching a Bourne film, but a woman in her 50s was found in Carlbad, CA in February and she has no memory of her life, friends or family. The woman calls herself Sam, and she has late-stage ovarian cancer. Doctors believe anti-bodies associated with her volleyball-sized ovarian tumor caused her memory loss.

She also has a Facebook page dedicated to helping her find her family. Sam, who was found by firefighters semi-conscious on a street corner, speaks English and French with a British or Australian accent. Dr. Alan Lerner, director of the Brain Health and Memory Center at University Hospitals Case Medical Center, told ABC News it’s rare for people with ovarian cancer to develop memory loss, but not unheard of. Lerner said “[Proteins] can bind to the cells in the brain in areas that are important in memory."

Sam, who is 5-foot-7 and weighs 200 pounds, has a chipped front tooth and pierced ears. She now resides in an assisted living facility as the FBI, local law enforcement and Interpol work on her case. On her Facebook page, Sam wrote "I have been getting chemotherapy treatments and have lost all of my hair. My prognosis is not good, and I pray my family will be found soon."I'm hoping that someone sees me, or [a news story], or something on the Internet, and my family immediately says, 'There she is! There she is!” She also says she has dreams of swimming in Australia and of living in a modern house in Hawaii.

Photo: NBC New York

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