Woman Gets Intimate With Man She Met At A Bar - He Left Out One Really Important Detail

A totally selfish monster who lives in Virginia had unprotected sex with a woman seven times last year without telling her he was HIV+, the woman says.

Daniel Cleaves, who lives in Henrico, Virginia, met the victim in a bar in Maryland, then had sex with her seven times over the next three days, based on the police report.

The woman did not find out Cleaves was HIV+ until she found documents in his backpack regarding the HIV diagnosis. The victim confronted him, and she says Cleaves admitted to his medical status.

She filed a report with the police later. In the report, she highlights Cleaves never offered or even mentioned using condoms during sex.

Cleaves has been arrested and is facing charges of knowingly having and attempting to transfer HIV to a victim.

Whether the victim actually was infected with HIV in the sexual encounters with Cleaves has not been released because of privacy laws.

Ohio police have also announced that Cleaves is suspected in at least three other sexual assaults with a similar MO. The other cases are apparently in Richmond and Virginia Beach, but no official charges have been filed yet in those counties.

Local media sources report one woman who met Cleaves on a dating website is alleging he sexually assaulted her at a hotel in Virginia Beach in March of 2016.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: The Washington Post

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