After Calling In Sick, Worried Boss Checks On Woman - Gets Her To The Doctor Just In Time

No matter how much you plan for life, sometimes things can turn on a dime. Before you know it, you find yourself going downhill, quickly, and all you can do is brace yourself for when you hit the bottom, then turn around and try and climb back up.

That happened to one woman from Brazil when a series of unfortunate events left her in a difficult situation. Cassie Camilo was a happy woman living in Brazil with her family.

She and her husband were raising two children, and Cassie's mom was around to enjoy and pitch in. But then things started to take a turn.

Cassie's mother passed away. Then trouble brewed in her marriage and she ended up getting a divorce.

Now, Cassie was a single mother trying to support two children and had no support system of her own.

It was so difficult that she had to make a heartbreaking choice. Cassie chose to leave her kids behind in her homeland and move to the U.S. so she could earn enough to send back to her kids.

Cassie was determined to make her situation work, even though leaving her children was the hardest thing she ever had to do. When she arrived in the U.S., she took on two difficult jobs.

She worked for a restaurant in Connecticut washing dishes, and she worked in a market. In the market, the conditions were unsanitary, and she was stuck in an area exposed to the bitter winter cold.

She never complained, though. She just kept working and doing what she had to do, suffering in silence.

Eventually, the conditions at the market got the better of her. She became sick and it wouldn't go away.

Finally, she had to call in sick to her restaurant job.

Her boss, Peter DeRosa, became worried about Cassie. It was unlike her to take a day off, so he went to visit to see if she was okay.

She wasn't, so he took it upon himself to bring her to a walk-in clinic. The doctor told DeRosa that he brought the woman in just in time; she was in bad shape.

Getting the medical help that she needed helped Cassie get back up on her feet again, but DeRosa's help didn't stop there.

He also helped Cassie go to college so she could get a degree and a better job. He got her job interviews with friends of his to help her get a better job.

With DeRosa's help, Cassie was eventually able to build a better life for her family. She was able to bring her children over to the U.S. and she eventually met the love of her life and got married.

"I think Peter was very influential, and very helpful for her, and she was very lucky to have someone like Peter to help her when she got here," said Cassie's husband, Jeramy Ramos.

DeRosa said he was 'all in' for helping her and making sure Cassie did well. He admired how she was always willing to work hard, study hard, and do the right thing.

Now he doesn't have to worry about his friend anymore, but Cassie will never forget how he was her 'angel'.

Source: Little Things
Photo: Little Things, YouTube

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