Woman Hears Strange Noise Coming From Daughter's Room, Horrified By What She Found

When a little girl tried to tell her mother about something she saw at night, her mother thought the child was merely remembering a dream. She soon discovered the situation was a real-life nightmare.

The child told her mother that late at night she saw a light shining into the house. She then saw a strange man at the window, who asked her to come with him to his house.

The mother told her little girl it was a dream, but the child wouldn't let it drop. The mom decided to investigate and reportedly saw it with her own eyes. "Well tonight I see it happen, police have been and well she was 100% truthly," wrote the mother on a Facebook page called 'Spotted About Frome.'

Police confirmed that a report has been made about the incident. The mom is now warning other parents: "Always believe what your children say!!"

No word on whether any arrests have been made.

Source: Mirror
Photo: Wikimedia/Joseolgon

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