Woman Horrified After Waking Up To Odd Sensation On Her Privates

A man in Australia ended up with two years in jail for breaking into a woman's home and licking her ass as she slept in her bed next to her boyfriend.

Joseph Taouk broke into the Potts Point home in Sydney early in the morning on February 9, 2015, according to Australian media sources.

At first, the surprised woman thought it was her boyfriend, but after a short while, she realized it was not him.

She then reached across their bed and when she felt her boyfriend next to her, she grabbed his arm hard and whispered: “Someone is there.”

“What the f**k. Who are you?,” when he saw Taouk at the end of the bed.

“Sorry, sorry I thought this was the boarding house. The front door was open,” Taouk apparently answered.

The partner escorted Taouk to the front door and came back to find the victim sobbing.

She was scared and physically sick, but she didn't want to call the police.

She did tell her stepfather about the incident the next day, who then escorted her to Kings Cross police.

Police eventually discovered Taouk walking around not far away from the couple’s home, claiming he was hearing voices.

Local media reports note Taouk pleaded guilty to sexual assault and aggravated breaking and entering the home, and received a two-year sentence.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: 123RF

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