Woman Meets Up With An Online Date - Biggest Mistake Of Her Life

A 37-year-old woman was reportedly abused, raped, and beaten at the hands of Colin Leacock, 34, and his sister, Mandy Leacock, 36, after meeting Colin in 2015 on a dating site, known as Match.com. Colin allegedly forced the woman to perform oral sex on him, punched her in the face, and ripped out chunks of her hair. Mandy, his sister, pleaded guilty to assault charges after she battered the woman, poured bleach on her skin, and tore out her hair.

The woman suffers from depression and anxiety and Mandy repeatedly told her that she “wasn’t good enough” for her brother when they began dating in early 2015. The victim overdosed twice after living in a state “of fear, of depression, and of being controlled and bullied.” She suffered beatings so traumatic that her “proper emotions” were erased.

Mandy forced the victim to move to a home in Maida Vale. The victim was regularly assaulted and compelled to evidence her cooking and cleaning capabilities. Colin repeatedly raped the woman and viciously attacked her, furthering her trauma, although Mandy was the perpetrator of the majority of the assaults.

Prosecutor, David Povall stated that the woman was “lonely” and sought out love and romance on the Internet. She met online in March 2015 and supposedly, matters “very quickly developed between them.” Mandy’s disapproval and discontent with the relationship was no secret and her personality was quite dominating. The victim was displeased with the extent of Mandy’s control over her brother.

The abuse grew more rampant following Mandy’s move into the house. The victim was frequently compelled to “prove herself,” and with the passing of time, she was subjected to sleeping on the floor and having bleach poured on her in the bath tub. Colin and Mandy each took turns punching her in the face. The victim reports feelings of humiliation to the jury, especially after being forced to perform oral sex on Colin when he began seeing another woman

The woman was forced to leave the courtroom after she broke down disclosing accounts of being “physically starved.” She details that she eventually adapted to the habitual abuse, although she repeatedly said no when Colin had sex with her.

Colin Leacock has denied two counts of rape and assault occasioning actual bodily harm, whilst his sister has admitted three counts of actual bodily harm. The trial continues.

Source: NY Post
Photo: Daily Star

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