Woman Passes Out On Train, Wakes Up To A Note Next To Her - Shocked By What It Said

27-year-old Ellie Farnfield was riding a London subway by herself last year.

The acupuncture student was heading to teach a fitness class after leaving a family get-together.

She then had a sudden epileptic seizure and collapsed to the floor of the train.

A disoriented Ellie woke up in the hospital with no idea what happened or how she got there. But she found a handwritten note on the table beside her.

Hi Eleanor.

I hope by the time you read this you are feeling better. You had a seizure on the train and I took you off. You didn’t hit your head but I may have hurt your leg as I walked on it before realizing you were on the floor having a fit! Sorry!

I’m also sorry I can’t stay with you now but here is a coffee to perk you up later and £10 to make sure you get a taxi home. Sorry I don’t have anymore money so I hope you don’t live far away.

I’ve contacted people from your phone and medical help is on its way and you’re with train staff. Wishing you all the best and a quick recovery.

Love Tom

The stunned woman had no idea who “Tom” was. The Good Samaritan left no other clues to his identity

Ellie decided to post the note and tell the story on her Facebook page to try and track Tom down. She commented that what he did “restored her faith in humanity.”

“I have no idea who this man was or if he was sitting next to me but I wanted to show how grateful I am to him,” she wrote.
“If Tom does come forward, first of all I would like to give him back his money and then thank him for what he did. He deserves a lot of praise.”

People all across the globe read and forwarded Tom’s note, trying to find a way to contact him.

Unfortunately, Ellie has not located her guardian angel yet, but she is still hopeful.

“It was so nice of him, it’s one thing helping people but doing additional things like what Tom did is something else.”

Source: Little Things
Photo: Little Things

Act of kindness goes viral.

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