Woman Posts Photos With Fiancé, Friends Suspicious When They Notice Her Hat

Based on a glance at her social media profile, it appeared that 31-year-old Jill Sharp was happily engaged to a dashing young man. Photos abounded of the lovebirds making all kinds of memories together, and Sharp’s friends assumed they were a happily engaged couple. This went on for about four years, and then the jig was suddenly up.

As Elite Daily reports, Sharp’s romance was a complete hoax. She had photoshopped herself into pics of a man she didn’t know and played it off as if they were a couple. The man, Graham McQuet, just happened to be engaged to someone else - and he had no idea who Sharp was to boot.

Sharp’s hoax was exposed when she took the extraordinary step of photoshopping herself into vacation pics in London. Her friends knew something was amiss due to the fact that they had never met the man, but the poorly edited photos gave it all away. Even more disturbing, she actually went to London to pose in the exact same spots that McQuet and his fiancee had posed on. The disturbed friends decided to track the man down and let him know, and he was equally disturbed. His real girlfriend, Marianne Stirling, was incredibly alarmed and frightened as well.

“It appears this woman followed them down to London, visited the same places, took photos, then photoshopped them. It’s astonishing behavior. Graham has no idea who this woman is,” shared a friend of the couple.

Stirling contacted the police, but there was nothing they could do as they determined no criminal activity had taken place. It’s unclear if the affected couple pushed the stalking issue with the authorities, or if that was even an option in their jurisdiction. Nonetheless, Sharp got off scot free for her hoax. It’s pretty safe to say that she’s mortified as she has deleted her social media account. No word on how many followers she had.

Source: Elite Daily
Photo: Metro, Daily Record

Woman stalks couple, photoshops herself into photos with him.

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