Woman Says She And Her Son Were Stuck In Walmart Bathroom For 90 Minutes

A Canadian woman wanted to buy her three-year-old son a little treat, so she thought they'd quickly duck into Walmart for something. When they got there, they stopped to use the bathroom.

It turned into a big ordeal, with the two trapped in there for an hour and a half. Store employees laughed when they finally found out about it, and the mom is now furious.

Crystal Cousins says her son was disappointed because his swimming lesson was canceled. She had to get on to her own fitness class, so she thought a little treat might cheer up her toddler.

When he had to go to the restroom, she accompanied him to the family washroom in the back of the store.

After her son did his business and the two of them washed their hands, they were ready to get on with their day.

But when Cousins tried to open the door, the lock wouldn't unlock. It was stuck.

She wasn't able to get any attention from inside the restroom, so Cousins used her phone to call the store's customer service number. When they answered she told them what was going on.

"And they laughed because I was like, 'I'm trapped in your washroom,’” she said. “And they're like, 'Ha ha,' and I'm like, 'No, really, someone needs to come let us out.’”

Some 10 minutes later, an employee finally came over to check.

Then another came by, and finally, a manager came over 10 minutes after that. The manager reported that they were calling a locksmith.

Cousins called her mother to vent about the frustrating situation.

"I was texting my mom, and I [was] saying I was starting to have a panic attack," she said.

"I'm getting dizzy. Little guy is with me," she explained.

"He's going from screaming and banging on the door to crying to thinking it's hilarious. You know, going through all those three-year-old emotions."

Her mother suggested calling the fire department, but the store manager refused.

“They refused,” Cousins said of the store’s employees. “They said, if you want the fire department called, you'll have to do it yourself.”

The mother said she really began to panic when her phone was down to 10 percent power because she'd lose her ability to contact anyone. "What if they forget us in here and my phone dies?" she wondered.

"...What if there's a fire and we can't get out? And I wasn't sure if the store we were at is 24 hours," she said.

"I'm like, what if it closes and the locksmith is still not here?"

She wasn't exactly confident at that point that the employees wouldn't just get busy and forget about her so she called the fire department.

An hour and a half after she and her toddler got locked in the bathroom, the fire department finally freed them. Firefighters tried to cheer her son up as she regained her composure.

Cousins wasn't very happy with the manager's response.

"Sorry for the wait," said the manager.

"You know, that's not really good enough," she responded.

"I'd like to know what they would do if this ever happened again to make sure someone doesn't wait,” said Cousins. "And I’d like some compensation for the stress, the time.”

A spokesperson for Walmart Canada apologized for the incident and the way the staff handled it. "I am extremely disappointed in how we handled the event," said Barry Pederson in an email to Cousins.

"We are sorry to hear about the experience our customer had in our store," read a public apology. "Our store manager has since reached out to our customer to follow up on her concerns."

Source: CTV News
Photo: CTV News

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