Woman Shocked to Find Tablets Dissolving In The Bottom Of Her Starbucks' Drink

A woman in Utah had a serious health scare after she discovered that somehow a couple of tablets were slipped into her drink. She purchased the beverage at Starbucks and said that the last sip of her green tea Frappuccino tasted funny.

It was then that her children noticed that tablets. The woman is now asking Starbucks pay her hospital bill, and might take legal action.

Deniece Lee of Layton was at the grocery store when she stopped at the Starbucks counter for her usual drink. She had to make the barista make the drink twice because the first time the employee didn't make the Frappuccino correctly.

Lee went on with her day, even though she said the second drink tasted 'off', but drinkable. By the time she took the last sip, the customer said she was consumed by a strong, odd flavor.

"It just tasted like burnt rubber, honestly," Lee said to KSTU.

She put the drink down and began unloading her groceries. At that point, her children noticed tablets in the remaining tea inside the cup.

“My kids came out running, saying, ‘Mom, I think there’s pills on the, on the bottom of your drink.'"

In a photo, the partially dissolved pills can be seen bumping up against the clear plastic cup. Lee then filmed the pills at the bottom of the cup as she poured away the remaining liquid. After the liquid was dumped out, Smith picked up the tablet, which resembles a thick pill.

She then called a friend who knew a manager at Starbucks. The friend called the manager to ask about what the pills could possibly be.

Apparently, the pills are similar to cleaning tablets the company uses to clean the expresso machines. Lee was terrified.

“I was scared to death,” Lee said. “Really panicked, I had no idea what I ingested.”

The Starbucks manager advised Lee to get to the hospital, which she did, bringing the two tablets along with her. She got there in the nick of time. By the time she arrived she began feeling ill and she was admitted for several hours and treated. Lee was later released and appears to be fine now, but she isn’t sure what to make of this incident.

"Smith’s store director and our customer service team have apologized to the customer directly for the mistake and worked to assure her of our commitment to make this right," said a spokesperson for Starbucks. "This mistake should never have been made and both Starbucks and Smith’s are working together to understand how this happened and to remind associates of our cleaning procedures designed to help prevent this type of situation."

Lee honestly hopes that the tablets ended up in her drink by mistake. She doesn't want to make unfounded accusations, but she doesn't want to see anyone else in this situation, either.

“I honestly think it was an honest mistake,” Lee said. “I would hope it’s an honest mistake. I really just don’t ever want it to happen to anyone else.”

The customer is asking Starbucks to pay her hospital bill. At this point she is not sure if she will pursue a legal case against the company.

Source: Yahoo
Photos: WAAY31 Screenshots, Goarorelooam/Wikimedia

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